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Parallels Between Parental Alienation and Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Restricted Input on the Pandemic

Why can’t we as a nation hear and have the input of Dr. Anthony Fauci on the pandemic? Because he could leak facts and insights about the transgressions in dealing with the pandemic of those preventing his speech, his testimony and his TV appearances.

As I write this question and answer, I’m reminded of the life of parents alienated from their abused children. Many of these parents are led to believe that their estrangement evolves out of something they deserve. And unfortunately, most buy that story and wear this hat for decades. Some take it to their grave.

Choked Truth

Many end up with choke orders that prevent them from talking to anyone, much less the children, about the heinous crimes perpetrated upon them in being pushed out of their children’s lives. Some retreat within and write books detailing the chronology of events, and subsequently are deemed as evil for telling such a story, evidencing the alienating parent’s dysfunctional behavior and criminal transgressions.

The bottom line is a tyrant chokes the protective parent in the same way Dr. Fauci is restrained from offering his expertise on the pandemic even though he is the Director of NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases). When we see this same dynamic in parental alienation families, we are clear that the restrained or choked party is usually the psychological parent/primary care-taker and the one, like Dr. Fauci, with the most important input relevant to the welfare of the alienated children.

I liken Dr. Fauci to being the targeted parent prevented from offering what could very well be in the best interest of the children…our vulnerable nation. But again, since his input could expose the transgressions of and demons within those in charge, his voice is muffled just like that of the targeted parent.

Polluted Children Sustained

Over time the alienated young children and adult children come to carry on the same alienating behavior. They are conditioned to avoid ever questioning the targeted parent about anything pertaining to their reality of the “family” dynamics. In fact, their life is all about adopting the bogus information of the alienating parent as gospel truth, never to be challenged.

One can only image how this impacts the larger picture of their lives. My sense is it’s very much like us as a nation denied the right to understand the perspective of the one man who is in the absolute best position to shed light on facts regarding this historical pandemic and horrific threat to humanity.

Saving Face: When the Relevant Input Is Omitted

This insight came to me when listening to CBS Anchor Norah O’Donnell on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. She revealed that, as a parent, she would truly like Dr. Fauci’s input on the pandemic as we approach the school year and pressing decisions about how we will handle our children’s education in the upcoming weeks and months.

If you are a human being with school age children living amidst the pandemic, you now know what it is like to be an alienated child abused through parental alienation. It’s largely about saving face to benefit the alienating party.

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Dr. Jeanne King, psychologist and author, helps people break the cycle of narcissistic, domestic abuse and find wholeness, happiness and harmony.

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